The Rockin' Devils
The worlds only 2 1/2 piece Rock 'n' Roll band
At Christmas 1958, two brothers, Mick & Chris (Butch) Nash, aged fourteen and eleven, decided to start their own group, at Tilbury in Essex. Mick, the guitarist and Butch, the drummer, called themselves 'The Devils'. they went through a succession of rhythm guitarists to make it a trio, before settling on a base player. Mo arrived and so did the name 'The Rockin' Devils' Mo left and there were two other base players, Chris & Pete, they never quite matched up to Mo, who returned around 1975 to bring the band back to life again, described as not so much a dwarf, more a mini giant.
After many years of success, working with such greats as; Mike Berry, Joe Brown, Jess Conrad, Marty Wilde, Billy Fury, Tommy Bruce, Freddy Cannon, Vince Eager, Duane Eddy, Chuck Berry, Jimmy Jones and probably quite a few more, they retired from the rockin' scene in 1979. Chris (butch) sadly died from cancer around 1992
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